E-mail Rep. Larry Valencia

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RI State Rep. Larry Valencia

In a recent Westerly Sun article, State Rep. Larry Valencia was quoted as saying “I’ve had just a small smattering of emails asking me do to something, and not a lot of pro-Second Amendment email.” He also said “I came from a family of hunters, and my father was a hunter and a marksman. Guns haven’t been on my radar”

While it sounds like Rep. Valencia isn’t out actively trying to take our guns away, perhaps we should send him more than a smattering of e-mails telling him we like our gun rights just the way they are.

As always, be polite, stick to the point, and don’t get emotional. Here’s a template you can use in your e-mail. Along with your name and home town, it’s all you really need.

Dear Representative Valencia,

I oppose any new restrictions on my right to own firearms in Rhode Island.


You know the rest. Here’s Rep. Valencia’s e-mail address. rep-Valencia@rilin.state.ri.us

For those of you in Charlestown, Exeter, and Richmond, this is your guy in the State House. Your voices are most important to him.