Rhode Islanders Make Their Voices Heard, Will Anyone Listen?

Rhode Island’s first battle in the war over gun control played out over the last week. At a hastily organized Guns Across America rally at the State House in Providence, hundreds of second amendment supporters gathered to protest any new gun control measures the state government might dream up.

A week later, dozens of people rallied in support of new gun control measures. These are the folks that want to deny Rhode Islanders their constitutionally protected (at both the federal and state level) rights.

I hope the difference in numbers will give our Rhode Island legislators something to think about before they make any hasty moves to implement stricter gun control laws here in the Ocean State.

Here’s some video of the Guns Across America rally uploaded to Youtube by rachelabombdotcom. Thanks for the video! I can’t find any video of the dozens that showed up to support gun control in Rhode Island. If you find some, please send it to me at rigunguy@rigunblog.com. Thanks.