State Rep. Teresa Tanzi Looking to Ban High Cap Mags and “Assault Rifles”

The New Haven Register reports that State Rep. Teresa Tanzi is taking point on the drive to implement stricter gun control here in Rhode Island.

State Rep. Teresa Tanzi is one of those at the center of the debate. The South Kingstown Democrat said she was interested in tightening gun laws even before the Newtown shootings.

She’s now talking with other lawmakers and state officials about crafting comprehensive changes to state laws. Tanzi said she’d like to see a ban on high-capacity magazines and assault rifles like the one used in Newtown, in which 20 children and six educators were gunned down by a young man who also killed his mother and himself.

“When something is designed as a killing machine for people, I don’t see much civilian application for that,” Tanzi said.

Tell Rep. Tanzi that you don’t want more gun control here in Rhode Island. Here’s a number of ways to contact Rep. Tanzi.




Telephone: (401) 527-9468


P.O. Box 5134

Wakefield, RI 02880


  • Ken G.

    This is the act of a grand standing politician, nothing else. Where is her plan to get ilegal gun off the street.