Legislative Update: Taking Guns from Minors

So far this session there have been a couple bills introduced the Rhode Island House of Representatives that could have effects on gun owners’ rights.

A bill, H5208 introduced to the House Judiciary committee by Representatives Diaz, Slater, Ajello, Cimini, and Valencia. The bill would edit current law to make it a crime for minors to simply possess a firearm, rather than to possess and use a firearm without supervision. Liberals are concerned about growing interest by kids in learning to shoot and hunt. Their fear can be felt in The New York Times recent article titled Selling a New Generation on Guns which outlined efforts to introduced children to shooting sports. H5208 will turn law-abiding children into lawbreakers. Here’s the link to the Judiciary Committee. Start writing your letters opposing H5208 today.

Update: This article originally included a paragraph that incorrectly interpreted H5192. I’d like to thank Rep. Mike Chippendale for clearing that up in the comments section. I’d also like to thank him for all the hard work he does in the State House on the behalf of Rhode Islanders, and for taking the time to straighten me out!

  • http://www.facebook.com/dexter.liu.942 Dexter Liu

    Meeting with Mike tomorrow will acknowledge support for his bill!

    • rigunguy

      Excellent! That bill could stop the legislation currently being considered by the Newport town council.

  • Mike Chippendale

    H5192 was introduced to prevent cities and towns from creating environmental laws that are more strict than state laws. It would not pertain to firearms because we already have a state preemption law that prevents cities and towns from creating this patchwork of gun laws that make it virtually impossible for anyone to move about the state without knowing all the town ordinances in the 39 municipalities. This law was one of our victories back in the 1990′s.

    H5192 was withdrawn by me however, because while the intent was good, the practicality of placing the oneness on DEM to enforce all of the municipal ordinances that were the product of years worth of comprehensive plans would certainly over burden the Department and it would also create something that we in the Republican Caucus fight against every year – unfunded mandates. Basically DEM would take the responsibility of overseeing all the environmental controls in place across the state, and then force towns to comply. This would create mandated regulations that towns won’t have the budgets to implement or enforce. So until such a time as we can study the various regulations from DEM, CRMC, and the 39 cities and towns, find duplicity and eliminate it, and then streamline the entire process for DEM and CRMC to take it over, we won’t be seeking to enact this bill this year.

    I will say that DEM is interested in the concept, and if it will save towns money, while making them more business-friendly, it is worth pursuing. However, there is no time this year to create a study commission for this because my plate is full of 2nd amendment issues and the Republican Pro-Growth Legislative Agenda.

    • RIGunBlog

      Thanks for clearing that up Rep. Chippendale. And thank you for your support of the second amendment in the past. It’s great to see state legislators taking the time to discuss legislation in the public square like you do.

  • rigunguy

    Thanks so much!