State of the Union Rhetoric, The Same Old Song and Dance

President Obama resorted to the same old rhetoric in his State of the Union address tonight. The ever popular “weapons of war” term made an appearance. But the president coined a new phrase too, “massive ammunition magazines.” Ever seen one of those advertised on Cabela’s? This is the not first time gun control advocates have changed the language in regards to high capacity magazines. First they started calling them “assault magazines.” Not to be outdone, tonight the president called them “massive ammunition magazines.” Perhaps he learned that phrase while skeet shooting at Camp David (Get your Obama Skeet Shooting action figure today!).

Of today’s debate on guns, Obama said that “this time is different.” With a straight face he told Americans that second amendment believers are now overwhelmingly for more gun control measures. Not surprisingly Senators from both parties are working on tough new laws to prevent criminals from getting guns. Newsflash: if the current laws were being enforced, criminals wouldn’t have access to guns. He also wants laws against straw purchases toughened. Perhaps that’s a response to Operation Fast and Furious, the failed gun running sting his administration presided over which sent thousands of guns to Mexican drug cartels through easily observable straw purchases.

The bottom line is, Obama and gun control advocates in Congress and the Senate are using recent tragedies to try to ram through a gun control bill they have been dreaming about for a long time. Obama’s former White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel said “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” President Obama learned that lesson, and is applying it now.