Red Alert: Gun Registration Bill Introduced in Rhode Island

linda finn

This is Rep. Linda Finn of Aquidneck Island. If you see her on the street, please politely let her know you oppose H5573.

Representative Linda Finn of Aquidneck Island has introduced a gun registration bill into the Rhode Island General Assembly. The bill is H5573.

The bill calls for registering ALL guns, not just “assault rifles” or pistols.

The bill also calls for keeping a list of all guns registered for use by police.

The bill calls for a $100 “registration fee” for every gun purchased. For anyone not that great at math, that means every gun you buy would cost $100 more, and for your money you are given a free spot on Rhode Island’s future gun confiscation list.

If you don’t register your gun, the bill calls for up to 3 years in prison and a $3,000 fine.

Finally, if enacted the bill would mandate trigger locks or other safety devices be sold with every firearm and be in use when the final sale takes place. What this will do, other than raise the price of a firearm by the equivalent price of a trigger lock is not understood by me.

I encourage Rhode Islanders to write Rep. Finn by e-mailing her at this address:

Please remember to be polite, and let her know in succinct terms that you oppose H5573.

Thanks to a reader for letting us know about this on the RIGunBlog Facebook page, which you can visit here.

  • Kenneth Arnold

    Communism is here!! The database will lead to Confiscation due to the Nazi’s that are in power at this time! Obama is destroying this Country and people like Her follow blindly on false promises.

    It’s also Treason to do this and all the Lawmakers involved must be Arrested and Tried for Treason!

    Chicago, NY and Cal. have the strictest Gun laws and Highest Crime Rates. Wake up People!! Vote these people OUT of Office!!

    • Matt B

      Nazi’s Kenneth? Shame on you!!!
      I ask that you consider the 6 million people who were murdered and the feelings of their descendants before applying that term to your political foes.

  • Fred Ganczar

    Oh stop whining. Registration keeps you legal–and responsible.

    • Scott McKay

      You sir, are a moron.

    • Ken G.

      When you purchase a legal firearm in RI you subject yourself to a back ground check as a RI resident. So you are already legal–and safe.

    • Ernie Goncalves

      my friend you are out of your mind, not only did you not read the bill but you obviously ndidint read the constitution either

  • Tom Poole

    These people have said or done NOTHING about enforcing the current laws or increasing/creating MANDATORY sentences for CRIMINALS using weapons in the commission of a crime or taking them away from CRIMINALS !!!

    All they’ve accomplished is to terrorize LAW ABIDING CITIZENS !!! THEY ALL NEED TO GO DURING THE NEXT ELECTIONS !!!

  • Tom Bair

    The registration of firearms has always been precursor to confiscation of firearms. Where confiscation has happened you will see a river of the blood of souls who succumed to this tyranny.
    Nowhere, not once, in the current debate have I heard the plan to remove the illegal guns from the scene. Legislators only want to press legal owners with more taxes, insurance, fees and gov’t required forms filling.
    Facts be damned! Ignore the fact that where gun ownership goes up, violent crime goes down. Don’t you get it? Criminals and insane people care not one whit for the law.
    The only thing that will stop a bad person witha gun is a good person with a gun.
    Gun owners perceive this rightly: registration IS an existential threat to life and liberty!
    Get your hands off my guns!

    Thomas Bair

  • Bob King

    The bill “asks” you for $100 for each firearm that you currently own as well as future purchases. What a slap in the face to WW II, Korea, and all vets that may have come home with their service arms or war trophies. These individuals fought against tyranny only to have their efforts thwarted by an ill-conceived bill.

    • Matt B

      Bob, no one is suggesting that existing guns should be taxed. No one is suggesting that our veterans souvenirs be taxed. As a veteran I hope that you misunderstood the facts rather than fraudulently try to use us to drive your agenda.

      • Tim

        Please read the bill. It REQUIRES a $100.00 Fee. Not asking. And it makes no distinction for existing firearms so your “souvenirs” will be taxed too. Read the bill.

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  • unwillingvictime

    I am truly amazed, and appalled. In speaking to our state legislators, I am shocked at how little they know concerning firearms in general. Many thought what has been called assault weapons were indeed true assault weapons. There were many other examples of ignorance and follow the leader politics as well. Many never bothered to ask how the so called bans would affect crime rates and “assumed” the others knew what they were talking about. A true case of the blind leading the blind, and ignorant. Luckily there are a few legislators who prefer to know for themselves. There is a fair group of them who are taking the initiative to learn about firearms for themselves and in turn, passing the information to other less motivated people. I give great credit to some of the up and coming legislative superstars who really want to represent the people rather than the usual vote for their wishes and to hell with the people. Hopefully those who push such ill conceived and troublesome bills will soon go the way of the Dodo and get thrown out in future elections. It’s off to a good start.