Portsmouth Town Council Update

Today I received an update from Dexter Liu of Liberty Firewall about the Portsmouth Town Council meeting scheduled for tonight. It’s pasted below:

I was told late last night that the meeting at the Portsmouth Town Hall may not take up H5573 or at least not focus on it. Apparently Councilman Gleason put “gun-control” and “gun buy back” on the agenda to discuss clarification whether Portsmouth would participate with Providence in their proposed gun buy back program. So if members are going to be at the meeting tonight perhaps they should be aware of this discrepancy and be prepared to speak about gun-control in general and offer their point of view on gun buy back programs. I myself believe this is still an outrage as it is all part of the anti-gun establishment’s continuing war of legal gun ownership. Gun buy backs are a form of gun confiscation and abuse of tax payer dollars.


If Portsmouth is considering joining Providence in a gun buyback or more gun control, that’s terrible. We may not be talking about H5573 tonight, but come prepared to talk about the second amendment.

  • http://www.facebook.com/westerly.patriots Westerly Patriots

    Everyone in Ri should be monitoring their Town Council. President of the Westerly town Council asked for consensus on Feb 4 for the Manager to draft a resolution in support of Rep Langevin’s gun control proposals.

  • http://www.facebook.com/liberty.firewall Liberty Firewall

    From the NRC forum: On Friday March 1st at Warwick City Hall Mayor Tavaras is hosting a summit of
    mayors and administrators from all cities and towns in Rhode Island. The time
    is from 8:30-9:30 am.The subjects they will be discussing are public
    safety,illegal guns and access to behavioral mental health services.Also they
    will be conducting a thorough review of the proposals being introduced to the
    General Assembly. Mayor Tavaras goes on to state that he” personally
    invites all municipal leaders from across the state who are committed to this
    effort to enact sensible GUN CONTROL legislation” Seeing as Warwick City
    Hall is a public building I believe members of
    the shooting sports community
    should attend and let them hear our views.

    Also Mayor Tavaras has
    tentatively scheduled a “press event” for March 7th at 3:00 to announce
    their joint efforts, including a gun buyback program throughout the state. If
    your city or town becomes involved in this program, you better question your
    municipal leaders where are they getting the money from. Is it grants or are
    they using your tax dollars that should be spent on what they were earmarked
    for in towns or cities budgets. The gun buyback is scheduled for Saturday
    April 6th. If you hold a FFL please show up at these buyback programs with
    your license and
    cash. You would be surprised at the type of firearms people
    are turning in for a 100.00 or 200.00 gift card. You are not breaking the law
    as long as you are federally licensed.