Shark in the Water: Second Amendment Threat Revealed at Portsmouth Council Meeting

If you weren’t paying close attention, it seemed like not much happened at the Portsmouth Town Council meeting. The council considered a resolution to officially ignore Providence Mayor Angel Taveras’ plan to have meetings on gun control (more about that later). The council decided that at this time it wasn’t going to waste the town administrator’s time (and taxpayer dollars) by sending him to the meetings. Smart move. Let’s hope they don’t change their minds. There wasn’t a lot of second amendment support on the council; that much was obvious by the tone taken with the council member who offered up the pro-second amendment resolution. It got testy.

Now the dirty little secret that was revealed. It’s not such a secret, but it’s definitely dirty. Angel Taveras has sent every mayor and town administrator in Rhode Island a letter (apparently followed by phone calls in the case of Portsmouth) asking them to attend his gun control meetings. That means your mayor, your administrator, your town council. The gun control discussion is already taking place in your town whether you know it or not. Behind closed doors, they’re talking about your guns and your rights.

Mayor Taveras wants every municipal leader in the state to attend the meetings to discuss “sensible gun control legislation.” Remember that phrase, “sensible gun control legislation,” because it’s getting used a lot. This is the new language of the left. Call it a “dog whistle” or jargon or code words or whatever, it’s meant to make gun control sound good, and to make those seeking to keep their rights sound bad. Listen for it at your next council meeting.

I can’t get any independent confirmation of this, but word is that Taveras will be hosting his first summit of mayors on March 1, at Warwick City Hall. This strikes me as odd because Warwick mayor Scott Avedisian is a Republican, but I’ll try to get confirmation. (Ed. Note: If you have any info on this, please send it along to

But one thing is certain; Taveras wants to start his campaign for governor by consolidating the anti-gun movement in Rhode Island behind him. We can’t let that happen. He’s a threat to your rights and we must all stand up to him.

  • Ken G.

    Thanks for the info for those of us that couldn’t attend. I will be contacting Mayor Fung about this meeting that Mayor Taveras is planing and ask him not to attended. Or if he does attend, to go as a pro second amendment voice.