H5573: This Was a Test

I was talking to some sources with knowledge of the Judiciary Committee today and they told me H5573 is dead in the water. Almost 75% of the General Assembly is against the bill, and it was going nowhere in the committee.

But I was also told that basically, this is a test. H5573 was a test of Rhode Island’s emergency Second Amendment protection system. That’s you folks.

If you didn’t show up to rallies or write your representatives and senators, you failed the test. They see weakness in you. Now is your chance to prove them wrong.

More legislation is coming. It will come from much more powerful politicians than a first term representative from Newport County.

H5573 was just a test. I hope you passed. If not, it’s time to get ready to rally, write, and respond.

This is the rallying point. Let’s fight together.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/westerly.patriots Westerly Patriots

    Its not a test, they are just rying to wear us down, the real test is if we can keep up the pressure. If the rallies get smaller and the calls and letters become fewer, they will know they are winning. All they have to do is bring it up a few more times and eventually no one will show to protest and they can pass it. They want to grind you down.

  • Ken G.

    The way to reverse the tables is remember them at the polls.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ernie.goncalves Ernie Goncalves

    folks i think were looking at this all wrong, the way to stop this dead is to get as many ri gun owners as we can to sign a pettition stating we will all immidialy stop paying taxes and move out of the state, the state is broke already and the population of WORKING people is shrinking fast. why are we wasting our time here? the state dont want guns well lets give them what they want, we’ll all leave and they can have there utopia

  • Templar13

    Any elected offical that proposes legislation that subverts the second amendment or any constitutional RIGHT must be brought up on charges of treason! When are We gonna smarten up? The liberal democrates that have ruled this state for 75 years will never stop attacking our second amendment birthright. They MUST be charged with treason!!! Any lawyers out there?