Roundup: Providence Rally

The Providence Rally was well attended today. I’ll leave the estimates to others but there were definitely hundreds of people there, maybe more. For a weekday rally without much notice, it was a fantastic turnout.

Rep. Doreen Costa did a good job organizing the event and we should all say thanks if we get a chance. She’s one of the hardest fighting representatives on the hill. Rep.

Mike Chippendale blew the house down with a great speech. (If you saw a guy in the middle of the room start clapping when no one else did, yeah, that was me.) Lots of great points in his speech, and lots of fire.

Rep. Dennis Canario also got up to speak. He focused mainly on reforming the mental health system in the state.

It was a little hard to hear where I was standing, so I’ll get back to you on the full content of all the speeches.

There were lots of other representatives there supporting our rights from both parties. Thanks to all of them. (I’ll get a list soon).

Probably the biggest threat to our rights in the State House today was the media. Cameras were rolling and notepads were being filled while reporters scoped out the most radical among the crowds. I walked in the door side by side with a reporter and as we were walking in a man in full revolutionary regalia who had been denied entry because of his musket (with bayonet) was calling the Capitol Police Nazis. The reporter looked at me and said “What a great story this is going to be.” The man was funny as hell, and obviously had no ill intent with his bayonet (the police were confiscating pocket knives so the bayonet was a no-brainer for them). But the reporter will use those words to bayonet all of us. Getting angry isn’t worth it.

I’ll get video ASAP.

More coming soon.