Pro-Gun Rhode Islanders Win the Day at Exeter Town Hall: But the War Goes On

Below is an excerpt from an open e-mail from Dexter Liu of Liberty Firewall. Dexter attended the Exeter meeting last night and gave a clear account of what happened. I was unable to attend, so I’m going to rely on Dexter to inform you all of the event. Thanks Dex. I’ll have more on this issue coming soon. There will be another meeting in Exeter where all of you who attended will be needed again, and more (I’ll be attending the next one). 
At the Exeter Town Hall last night the scheduled meeting included on the agenda a public discussion on the resolution to send the Conceal and Carry Permitting process for Exeter’s residence to the Attorney Generals office.
This proposed resolution by some council members and Rep. Valencia (D) District 39 was struck from the agenda due to a large turn out of between 150 to 200 attendees. The town Solicitor announced that there will be a meeting rescheduled to address this issue specifically when a larger venue can be found to accommodate the large turn out.
This is an important gun rights issue because it may be precedence setting.
As we all know in towns and municipalities where there is a police chief, they are required under RI law to “shall” issue provided the applicant satisfies basic qualifications such as pass a background check and demonstrates proficiency. The Attorney General’s Office, However is not under such requirement and therefore have no such obligation. Thus a permit issued (if it’s issued) would be under a “may” issue status. A profoundly different status.
I will not try to make the legal distinction as I am not qualified. Suffice it to say, if Exeter decides to deny “shall issue” to its residents (which they would be in violation of our State Constitution and the 2nd Amendment) and it becomes RI law, it may enable other towns and municipalities to follow suit and that will diminish rights across the state.
Stay tuned and as soon as we know when the Exeter Town Council reschedules we should try to pack the venue with members in support of pro-2nd Amendment Exeter residents. Our goal is to kill this resolution. It seems to keep rearing its ugly head because this is déjà vue from last year.
  • Dexter Liu

    Rescheduled Exeter Town Meeting now Monday 3/11 @ 6:30 at the METCALF MIDDLE SCHOOL, 30 NOOSENECK HILL RD (RT 3), EXETER RI. Please let’s pack the place!