RI House Reps: On the Fence

Greetings fellow gun owners and friends. As most of you from Rhode Island know, there is a core of anti-gun politicians in the State House who will fight forever to take our rights away. And there is a pro-gun contingent of representatives led by Rep. Mike Chippendale in the House who will never give up fighting for us. But in the middle are the somewhat ignored members of the House that sit on the fence, waiting to see which way the wind blows. They could vote either way if they feel they are at risk. There are also some representatives whose positions are unknown as of yet. Below you’ll find a list of fence-sitters and mystery representatives who could very much use a polite e-mail from you to help them make up their minds on which way to vote on any gun related legislation. I’m going to put in a sample letter for those of you who have a hard time keeping it short and simple (it’s hard I know, but it’s best).

Dear Representative,

I oppose any new legislation that may curtail my right to own, carry, sell, or otherwise enjoy a firearm. I also oppose any legislation that curtails my right to privacy by creating a gun registration system in the state.

Thank you for your service to our state and for the time you have spent reading my letter.


Your name here.

These are the Representatives who are sitting on the fence or whose positions on guns remain a mystery. Remember, polite, polite, polite. These are folks we want to win over, not drive to the other side.

District Rep Town/City email phone
3 Thomas Palangio Providence rep-palangio@rilin.state.ri.us (401) 248-8877
5 John DeSimone Providence rep-desimone@rilin.state.ri.us (401) 351-7373
21 Eileen Naughton Warwick rep-naughton@rilin.state.ri.us (401) 738-7928
23 Joe Shekarchi Warwick rep-shekarchi@rilin.state.ri.us (401) 827-0100
44 Greg Costantino Lincoln/Johnston rep-costantino@rilin.state.ri.us (401) 426-0284
45 Mia Ackerman Cumberland, Lincoln rep-ackerman@rilin.state.ri.us (401) 658-0981
46 Jeremiah O’Grady Lincoln, Pawtucket rep-ogrady@rilin.state.ri.us (401) 725-7163
49 Lisa Baldelli Hunt Woonsocket rep-baldellihunt@rilin.state.ri.us (401) 766-1679
51 Bob Phillips Woonsocket rep-phillips@rilin.state.ri.us (401) 762-2010
54 William O’Brien Nort Providence rep-obrien@rilin.state.ri.us (401) 440-4063
59 J. Paddy O’Neill Pawtucket rep-oneill@rilin.state.ri.us (401) 475-0265
60 Elaine Coderre Pawtucket rep-ecoderre@rilin.state.ri.us (401) 726-1190
61 Ray Johnston Pawtucket rep-johnston@rilin.state.ri.us (401) 288-7248
62 Mary Duffy Messier E.P./ Pawtucket rep-messier@rilin.state.ri.us (401) 728-1682
63 Katherine Kazarian E.P./ Pawtucket rep-kazarian@rilin.state.ri.us (401) 438-1718
65 Greg Amore East Prov rep-amore@rilin.state.ri.us (401) 339-9378
68 Ken Marshall Bristol, Warren rep-marshall@rilin.state.ri.us (401) 254-1377
73 Marvin Abney Middletown/Newport rep-abney@rilin.state.ri.us (401) 487-1380
  • http://www.facebook.com/westerly.patriots Westerly Patriots

    doyou know where Sam Azzinaro sits? with Mr. Chippendale or the gun grabbers?

    • RIGunBlog

      Sam Azzinaro has an A rating from the NRA as far as I know. I think he’s with us.

  • Ken G.

    Would you know about Mr. Peter Palumbo from Cranston? I have written on this issue and others, but he doesn’t reply to emails.

    • RIGunBlog


      • Ken G.