Gun Bans to be Unveiled in Rhode Island

Get ready Rhode Island gun owners, the same types of gun control legislation just passed in New York and Connecticut are headed our way. On Tuesday at 2:30pm at the State House, Governor Chafee, Speaker Fox, Senate President Paiva-Weed, and Attorney General Kilmartin will be announcing and discussing 9 pieces of gun control legislation. Two have already been introduced and the other 7 will be introduced shortly.

Patrick Doughtery sent an e-mail out to fellow second amendment supporters with this to say about the legislation:

My sources, from the Governor’s office on down, have revealed that there are a multitude of gun control bills prepared to be proposed as legislation as soon as this week to severely regulate guns and gun ownership in the State of Rhode Island.  I have heard that one of the proposed bills closely mirrors the legislation passed in Connecticut this past week. Many of the other bills (and there are many others) seek to more strictly and severely regulate a vast number of things such as the minimum age of gun owners, magazine capacity, type of weapon and weapon characteristics; limiting physical and mental health conditions, etc.

We have been waiting for the other shoe to drop. The gun banners tested our responses with H5573, and they think they can push us over like they did in New York and Connecticut. We must show them that they are wrong.

The press conference is going to be in room 313 in the State House. I suggest as many of us show up there as possible. Is it a weekday? Yes. You might have to take off work. Is it worth it? Damn right it is. This is an all out assault on our rights and it won’t end until we’re victorious or they take our guns. Which do you want?

We can’t possibly know what’s in the legislation today. But we can assume that it will be onerous and probably cost us all some money. Now is the time to fight it. In New York and Connecticut gun owners like us are trying to pick up the pieces. Until elections come, they’re probably stuck. Even then, can they win a majority? We have to fight now, and fight hard. Start writing your legislators now to make sure they are on your side. Click here if you need their contact information.

Don’t be defeated the way they were in New York and Connecticut. We only get one chance to win. You may have to cut short a vacation to take a few days off this year to fight. You may have to skip a couple dinners out to donate to pro-gun campaigns. And you may have carpal tunnel syndrome from typing all those e-mails. But none of that matters more than your freedom. Get to work my friends; we’re being called on to defend our rights. The battle starts on Tuesday at 2:30pm.

  • Robert Mendoza

    Gov. Gump and the usual suspects at the State House are at it again

  • Dexter Liu

    Gump-Bozo is a fool who cares not a whit about the suffering of Rhode Islanders, more gun control? Are you kidding me? What a farce!

  • dukeofdoom

    Unfortunately we live in a “Blue” state. Some or all these soon to be proposed laws will be passed. Of course I want to fight hard as I can. I know I plan to wear out my keyboard writing emails and wear out my voice yelling in the state house. But I can’t help thinking if maybe we ought to have a plan b compromise of things we can live with to stave them off until we can vote them out in 2014 (many of them anyway). I do not like the idea of giving in at all, but its a reality we may have to face. Compromise or lose it all.

    • Kina Bar

      Compromise is how it starts. Never compromise.

  • Regular Guy Review

    I feel for you guys, but I’m sure glad I got the hell out!

  • Frank Roberts

    Didn’t do us any good to show up in numbers. The liberal media just made believe it didn’t happen or they downplayed our numbers to make it look like no one was there when in fact thousands showed up each time we had a rally or came to hearings. Good luck RI, your gonna need it. Our only chance now here in CT is with the courts.

  • brothromo

    where can we find the text of proposed legislation? it would be useful to explain some of the specific points and why they’re useless….

    • RIGunBlog

      The proposals are being made on Tuesday, so we won’t know exactly what they are until then.

  • John Wisher

    im glad i moved out of that shit hole state 17 years ago,,, im in maine now and have over 70 guns and a permit to carry in which i do every day,,, good like peoples of rhode island you need alot of luck now

  • Don Thela

    Embarrassed to live in a state that elected these useless representatives. Be nice to see people vote with their brains, not with one lever.

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  • Kina Bar

    Vote with your feet, move to NH and be apart of the 14,000 that have moved here and are taking a position to keep us free in the LIVE FREE or DIE state

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