Read the Bills: From the Horse’s Mouth

The text of the gun control bills proposed has come out. Read them in .PDF form by clicking on the links below. I haven’t had the opportunity to go through these yet. If you find anything of note in your reading, please put it in the comments section.


  • Jared Coyne

    They want to repeal 11-47-11 and undo all the work Jim Archer and I have done over the past decade (and other people as well). Even of they do repeal it, Alan Gura is looking at a victory in the Kachalsky case… So that would just make the AG shall issue. If the General Assembly is so concerned about criminals with guns, then they should consider prohibiting violent felons (like that cop in Lincoln) from being LEO’s.

  • Pablo

    From 2239, the AWB:

    “Sell” includes let or hire, give, lend, dispose, and transfer, and “purchase” includes hire, accept, and borrow, and “purchasing” any and all
    variations of the terms of “sell” and “purchase” shall be construed accordingly.

    I took my mother to the range yesterday and started teaching her to shoot on my M&P 15-22. Under this AWB, I would have committed 2 felonies (“selling the gun and the magazine”) and she would have committed 4 (“purchasing” and possessing the gun and the mag). All without leaving the firing line at the range and all with a .22LR.

    Could these people be any more ridiculous?

  • RGreeneRI

    Here is my simplified breakdown of the proposed laws:

    2239 — Assault Weapons Ban: A bill to outlaw the sale and manufacture of “Assault Weapons“, in other words “scary looking” semi-automatic rifles and Magazines with a capacity of more than 10 rounds, and some pistols. You could get 10-20 years for buying or selling an “Assault Rifle” and/or a Large Capacity magazine, unless selling a grandfathered unit to an out of state buyer!!

    2196 — Gun permits: A bill to eliminate town issued concealed carry permits that are issued on a shall issue basis, and instead makes the Attorney general the sole issuing authority in the State on a may issue basis. He does not issue permits, the right of the people to keep and bear arms is being infringed by him already!!

    2195 — Sale and Possession of Weapons: A bill that makes the transporting and carrying of a Rifle or Shotgun as restrictive as it was for pistols. You can get up to 10 years or a fine of $10,000 or both,
    unless transporting it to/from home/work, or to/from a gun
    shop/gunsmith. It also increases the fine for knowingly not reporting
    the loss or theft of a firearm from $50 to $500.

    2271 — Gun Law Task Force (2): A group of people whose specific purpose is to take away more of your second amendment rights…

    2270 — Carrying Stolen Firearm when Committing Crime (1): Stiffer penalties for real criminals, fine by me…

    Bill 2272 — Mental Illness Study Commission (1): Having to do with Mental health and N.I.C.S.

    2273 — Mental Health Review Board: If they say you’re crazy and your not… (no offense to anyone)

    H5576: Kids can’t have guns unless with a qualified adult.

    H5286: Can’t have a gun with altered or obliterated make, model, or serial number. Pretty obvious…