Rhode Island: What You MUST Do to Preserve Your Rights

Fellow Rhode Islanders, we have a very short time to mobilize to protect our second amendment rights. I’ll get right to the point and show you how you can best protect your rights.

1) Prepare to testify at the hearings. You should prepare at least 2 minutes of testimony. Practice in front of a mirror and memorize your testimony. Here is a very helpful guide to writing and delivering your testimony: How do I testify for or against gun bills in RI? 

2) Sign this petition that will go directly to the governor, Senate President Teresea Paiva-Weed, House Speaker Gordon Fox, and both chambers of the legislature.

3) Contact the Judiciary Committee. (Pleas exclude Rep. Doreen Costa, she’s already with us on this issue and doesn’t need a flood of e-mail). Tell the Representatives in polite terms that you oppose new gun control legislation. Here’s a template for you to use if you aren’t sure what I mean:

Subject: I Oppose New Gun Control Laws in Rhode Island

Dear Representative,

I oppose any new gun control laws in Rhode Island.


Your Name

Your Town

That’s really all you need. They’ll get the point.

4) Listen to and share this ad by Ed Doyle of Gun Rights Across America. Ed is working hard for your rights and you can help him by donating here.

5) This is a sublist of to dos that you can perform from your couch.

1) Write your own Senators and Representatives whether they’re on the judiciary committee or not with this e-mail:

Subject: I Oppose New Gun Control

Dear Representative/Senator

I oppose any new gun control legislation in Rhode Island.


Your Name Here

Here’s Legislator Contact Info:

2) Read the Bills to Get Educated:

3) Renew/Get your first NRA membership (I don’t work for or with the NRA in any capacity. This is an indepdent plea for you to join/renew you membership):

4) Spread the Word: Tell your friends and family that we only have two weeks before our rights are irreparably damaged here in Rhode Island. Share these 5 steps with them and ask them to perform them too. Use Facebook, or copy and paste this stuff into an e-mail that you forward to your friends. You know the media isn’t going to move this message. Have you even heard from them that hearings will be in two short weeks? Didn’t think so. They have no interest in drumming up support for us. Pass it on, you’re the only ones who will.


Get all those things done and you’ll be well ahead of the game. This fight is heating up and we must win.

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  • Mike

    What time does the hearings start? What time should we get there to ensure that we get to speak?

    • Mike Butler

      Mike, if RI behaves anything like CT, it won’t matter when the hearings start or end. We SWARMED the CT legislature en masse, but they still rushed it through under cover of night and did exactly as they pleased, despite overwhelming testimony and protests. That’s what living in a libturd state is like. I’m moving to a Southern state to get away from this New England socialist idiocy.

      • Mike

        You do realize that I posted this last year in response to last years proposed legislation that went no where.