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Rhode Island Gun Owners: This is Your Best Investment

If you attended the rally and then the hearings on May 1st in Providence, you know there were two elected officials there who went above and beyond the call of duty to protect our rights.

costaandchippendaleRepresentatives Doreen Costa and Mike Chippendale have gone to the mat fighting for our rights at the State House. I have seen each at meetings around the state explaining the proposed laws to second amendment supporters, and both have been advocates for our rights at the State House.

If you are looking for one best way to protect your rights here in Rhode Island, a donation to the campaigns of Representatives Costa and Chippendale would be a sure-bet to maximize your investment. It takes money to run for office and both of these representatives could use your support.

I urge you to please consider giving each your most generous donation. Whether that’s $5, $10, $100, or the maximum annual donation of $1000, it will be the most effective way you can help ensure the voice of second amendment supporters remains loud and strong at the State House.

You can donate to Representative Costa by sending checks to:

Friends of Doreen Costa
39 Dyer Avenue
North Kingstown  RI 02852

And you can donate to Representative Chippendale by clicking here to donate online.

Times are tough, so you need to maximize the effect of your investment. Sending these two representatives a donation is the most efficient way to spend your dollars in support of the second amendment here in Rhode Island.

Kind regards,

Tim Jones

P.S. Tell them thanks for standing up for our rights. Tell them you support the second amendment and that’s why you’re sending a donation. They’ll fight even harder for you (if that’s possible!).

Disclosure: I’m not affiliated with either of the representatives’ campaigns and they have not asked me to solicit donations for them. I am asking you to send them a donation because I support the second amendment, and I want you to do it too in the most effective way possible. Supporting Representatives Costa and Chippendale is the best way you can do that.

PLUS: Check out the speeches from Reps. Costa and Chippendale at the May 1st Second Amendment Rally below. (Thanks to Ed Doyle of I Want My Ed TV for capturing these moments on film. Visit Ed’s very good YouTube Channel by clicking here.)