Cumberland Beagle Club 2013 Outdoor Conventional Pistol Matches

Cumberland Beagle Club is hosting a number of National Rifle Association approved outdoor pistol matches throughout the year. Do you have what it takes to win? Even if you don’t it will be a lot of fun, you’ll meet other marksmen and improve your competition skills.

June 9  August 11 and September 8, 2013   10 AM.
Approved by the National Rifle Association
Pistol Range,   Beagle Club,  425 Nate Whipple Road Cumberland RI 02864



Cumberland Beagle Club Outdoor Pistol Range

This will be a 1800 aggregate match using pistols or revolvers as per NRA rules for
conventional pistol using B6 and B8 targets. All NRA rules shall apply.

The course of fire is as follows:
Matches 1 through 5: .22 rimfire
Matches 6 through 10: Centerfire
Match 11: Grand Aggregate (Total of matches 5, 6)


Entry $10.00 per gun per competitor, $20 for all matches
Firing points can be reserved via email in advance with match director, 


Competitors will be classified using the NRA system. Competitors without classification
will shoot in the Master class unless there are 5 entered unclassified shooters. To
promote maximum participation in shooting sports, NRA membership is not required,
although highly encouraged. Junior competitors may be an NRA individual member or
member of a club affiliated with NRA.


All awards based on score will be cash with amounts and places awarded depending on
the number of competitors in each class. If there are not at least five competitors for a
class then classes will be combined.

Contact Person:
Richard Sirois
315 Ronald Ave.
Cumberland RI 02864