Time to Call Nevada

You can help preserve the rights of our friends in the Battle Born State, a.k.a. Nevada. Here’s how.

Slide1Governor Briand Sandoval is staring at the possibility of signing a bill to enforce universal background checks in Nevada. The bill, known as SB221 would force private transactions of firearms to be processed through an FFL dealer. Governor Sandoval has set up a hotline where people can vote on whether or not they want him to veto the bill. The thing is, anyone from anywhere in the country can weigh in.

The Governor has said he will veto the bill for some time, but there is no harm in driving the point home. It will take less than five minutes for you to stand up for gun rights and stop the onslought being paid for by Michael Bloomberg’s money. Bloomberg and his cronies have been airing tens of thousands of dollars worth of ads in Nevada pushing Governor Sandoval to sign the new gun control legislation.

If Bloomberg can use his billions to stick his nose into the Nevada debate, we can use our phones to come to the defense of our friends in Nevada too. Call Governor Sandoval’s hotline and urge him to veto the bill.

Call 1-777-684-5670 and press 2 to register your opposition to universal background checks. When you think this doesn’t matter to you here in Rhode Island, consider that momentum plays a big part in how this type of legislation moves across the country. If legislators in Nevada pass a bill like this, and it gets signed into law, that will embolden gun grabbers here in Rhode Island to do the same. Don’t let them think that public opinion is on their side. Register your opposition and make your voice heard. Stopping them in Nevada could prevent the same type of legislation from coming to the Ocean State.

Again, call 1-777-684-5670 and press 2 to register your opposition to universal background checks.