Women’s Day at the Range a Complete Success!!

Today was the Women’s Day at the Range, put on by RI DEM at their Great Swamp Range. Adam and I visited the Women’s Day at the Range and what a success it was! The DEM put on a great event with shooting available to women (and men). Lots of first time shooters attended, and we interviewed many of them. Everyone had a great time!

Shooters were given an orientation before shooting rifles, muzzleloaders, and pistols. Then they joined the line where many of them made excellent shots. Across the field were two shotguns where shooters could fire away at clay pigeons. Some loved the bang, but others left with sore shoulders. But what we kept hearing was “This is the first time I’ve shot and I had so much fun!”

Our friends from the Federated Rhode Island Sportsmen’s Clubs were there cooking hot dogs and hamburgers for participants. The all volunteer force of instructors handled the event with ease. A big thanks to all of the volunteers and to the DEM for putting on such a fantastic event. I talked to a number of the volunteer instructors who came from all around RI (and even some from Massachusetts), all were having a great time.

For us, it was also great to meet some RI Gun Blog readers. We met Becky, Maire, Brian, Peter, Derek and others today. It’s great to put faces to those names! The event was a family affair, with sisters bringing sisters, friends bringing their friends, fathers and mothers bringing their daughters, husbands and boyfriends bringing their wives and girlfriends and girlfriends and wives bringing their boyfriends and husbands.

Hope everyone had as much fun as we did. If you attended and have photos or video to share, please post them on the Facebook page. Here’s a few from us.



  • perfect103330

    You forgot about about wives bringing wives and girlfriends bringing girlfriends.