Bowling Pin Shoot August 11, 2013. All shooters welcome

PinShoot PineTreeBowling Pin Shoot !!!


Pine Tree Gun Club  6 Balcom Road; Foster, RI 02865

Sunday August 11, 2013 at 10am

Pre-registration not required, just show up. Please be on time.


$5 with prize awarded to top shooter, prize varies with number of shooters participating


A pistol or revolver, no smaller than 9mm, ammunition, and proper eye and ear protection. Each participant varies in the amount of ammo used for the shoot. It’s better to bring more than required in case you have an “off” day. Generally 150 rounds is more than enough. All magazine capacities are acceptable.

What is it:

Be the fastest to knock 5 bowling pins down from 35 ft away. This is done in head to head heats with points awarded for the number of bowling pins cleared from the platform (“deadwood” needs to be cleared!). There is a potential of 5 points per shooter per heat.  The first shooter to clear the platform will receive all 5 potential points, and the match ends. The bowling pins still on the second shooter’s platform are then deducted from the total of 5 potential points. At the end of a predetermined number of heats, the scores are tallied and a cash prize is awarded to the top shooter.


Pine Tree is a PRIVATE members-only club. This event is opened to the PUBLIC, so we ask that all shooters are respectful of the rules, and clean up after yourselves. The club holds this shoot every second Sunday of the month and would like to continue keeping it open to the public.

This event is being held outdoors in August so plan ahead and pack sunscreen, shooter’s glasses good for the weather condition of the event day, cold drinks (no alcohol), and a snack.

All heats start with shooters using magazines loaded to an equal amount for fairness.  After the initial magazine is spent, the following magazines can be filled to capacity. This is a FUN shoot !!

Additional Questions can be answered by:

Chuck at