Midstate has opened in their new location !!

MidStateFor several months we’ve been hearing from Rhode Island shooters eagerly awaited the opening of Midstate Gun Company’s new location at 1200 Tiogue Ave. Coventry, RI. This just in: the new location is currently open and is fully stocked. It’s clean, bright and packed with helpful employees.  The shop is very impressive and will attract many shooters with it’s friendly atmosphere, but the main draw of the new location goes far beyond the gun store. During our tour of the store, several customers came in with applications for membership to Midstate’s brand new, state of the art indoor shooting range. When the range opens it will have the honor to be called Rhode Island’s only indoor public shooting range ! The range is attached to the store and should be opening within the next few weeks.

The range boasts 12, 25 yard lanes with some really slick electronic target systems. Shooters can set multiple distance presets into a digital keypad to control their targets. The  backstop allows Midstate the ability to allow both pistol and rifle use up to .308 with some pretty standard limits on ammunition types. Membership is recommended but not required. Members have the ability to reserve lanes, jump to the top of the waiting list for range time and course signups, participate in member only events, and reserve the range for group functions. Public access is available, but expect the range to be busy for the first few months. After personally touring the range, I would expect members to come frequently and for long periods of time, this range is done right.

A classroom is permanently setup for courses offered by trained instructors including the safety course required in order to use the range.  A large fireplace in the center of the classroom adds to the warm and inviting atmosphere. It feels more like a ski lodge or hunting cabin than a classroom.

The range is expected to have a soft opening very soon. The announcement that the range is open will be made to members, without a large public announcement.

Further information is available at Midstate’s website.