Open Carry in Rhode Island, No Really

open carryMany of you probably know or have heard of Robert Farago. He’s the writer of, an inspiration for this site and he’s from Rhode Island. Well, check out what Mr. Farago has to say about open carrying here in Rhode Island in a post from back in 2012. Any of you with AG permits know about this? Have you tried open carrying here in the Ocean State?

So there I was in the Rhode Island Attorney General’s office, actually in the office, behind security glass, standing next to a desk, picking up my Pistol Permit. “I had to jump through a lot of hoops to get this,” I told to the woman assembling the laminated card. “It’s a privilege,” the guy-in-charge opined, in no uncertain terms. “It’s a right,” I countered, failing the STFU rule by a large margin. The big guy didn’t even blink. “That’s only for the militias,” he said, ignoring decades of Supreme Court rulings. After an uncomfortable pause he asked why I applied for a State Pistol Permit when I have a Providence Concealed Weapon Permit . . .

“I don’t have to wait seven days when I buy a gun with the City Permit,” I said. “But I can only open carry with the State Permit.”

Read Robert Farago’s RI Open Carry Day One: The Ocean State Has Its Privileges, this is an oldie but a goodie.

  • Christopher Kirtlink

    It is a right; pity I can only exercise that RIGHT on my own property. Things need to change, the only people who have guns on them are the bad guys because the good guys cannot get the permits thanks to the amount of hoops we have to jump through to get the permit. Maybe one day we will have someone in the AG office with the brains to understand constitutional rights and have the cajones to tell the people blocking them to get off their high horse.

  • Mike Butler

    I utterly despise those arrogant bastards in that office. They clearly don’t care that we have the Bill of RIGHTS, not “privileges,” and certainly not a “Bill of NEEDS.”


    Savvy post ! BTW , if your business is searching for a PA SP 4-127 , my business partner used a fillable version here