Tactical Dynamics – Low Light/No Light Training Course

image-300x116On September 13, I had the privilege of attending a low light/no light pistol training class with Simunition training taught by Tactical Dynamics. The course was held in the early evening at Ashaway Sportsman’s Club in Hopkinton, RI.

From the moment the course began it was quite apparent that Tactical Dynamics instructors are extremely knowledgeable and charismatic. They know how to teach while maintaining a level of humor that keeps the class fun. At no point did I feel like the class was being “preached” to us. Instructor James Wise went over the different ways to utilize both weapon mounted lights and hand held flashlights while searching for, and engaging threats. He took the time to observe and correct each student as they practiced tactics in the classroom.

After a short but instructive classroom based session, it was time for hands-on training. Instructors Bob Curran and James Wise went over safety, and provided all of the protective gear and firearms for Simunition training. Tactical Dynamics specializes in Simunition training courses available to the public. Until recently this type of training was reserved for military and law enforcement.  Simunition training utilizes real firearms loaded with special cartridges that fire a plastic projectile with a colored powder inside. This is similar to a paintball except that it’s fired through real guns, and at a much higher velocity. Training on paper does not prepare a person for the stress induced when the target is an armed adversary.

Tactical Dynamics ran drills which required students to find a potential threat in the basement of Ashaway Sportsman’s Club. None of the scenarios we ran were completely cut and dry, they required us to identify a true threat. The students never enter the drill guns blazing. During some drills our “target” instructor James pretended to be unarmed and looking for food. Students had to assess the situation, and speak to the potential threat before acting. Students had to overcome the darkness by utilizing proper techniques for both weapon mounted and hand-held flashlights. After each scenario the instructors pointed out strengths and weaknesses. This portion of the training was incredibly useful. I would recommend it to anyone who keeps firearms at the ready inside the home. This training will prepare you both mentally and psychically to protect yourself in the dark.

After wrapping up Simunition training the class headed outside to the pistol range. Rob Curran pushed the class to the breaking point of handgun skills. The constantly changing commands forced the class to manipulate both flashlight, and handgun tactics in the dark. The commands progressed in difficulty, and lead into more advanced drills. The class began shooting and moving, engaging multiple targets and reloading on the run.

Tactical Dynamics has taken training to a new level. Their courses are based on practicality and real-life situations. Simunition training is beyond anything else available to test students under stress. I highly recommend gun owners take any of the courses available. I personally plan to return for more training, and look forward to new course offerings that Tactical Dynamics is adding to their schedule.

For a calendar of courses offered by Tactical Dynamics please visit their website  and look for RI Gun Blog to also promote courses in the near future.

  • Calvin Hobbes

    My wife and I have attended several courses offered by Tactical Dynamics, both pistol and carbine, and they’ve been stellar. Rob and his team adjust their training for each individual in the class so no one is left behind. Novice shooters are never made to feel uncomfortable while advanced shooters are, in my opinion, challenged heavily. While the classes are fun, there is a very serious side in that the trainers stress discipline, tactics and safety throughout. No one around here offers training like this. We’ve signed up for two more classes this fall, one in Simunitions.