Thank you for attending the last Pine Tree Gun Club bowling pin shoot of the season !!


On Sunday Nov. 10th a crowd gathered to enjoy the last bowling pin shoot of the season at Pine Tree Gun Club. A rainy morning cleared up in time for the setup for the shoot and the rained stayed away for a few hours after matches ended, which left plenty of time for shooters to hang out and compare equipment.

This shoot brought out a lot of familiar faces seen throughout the season, but also brought out some new ones. In total 31 shooters participated and several spectators were in attendance, including many of our active Facebook users. The matches were fun as always and the event was well run so expect to Pine Tree to return in the spring with another great season of bowling pin matches. Pine Tree Gun Club has discussed several options to expand their capabilities to accommodate larger groups of shooters which will allow participants to get to shoot in more matches before scores are tallied and the matches end. Expect RI Gun Blog to bring you the spring schedule as soon as it’s available. We look forward to seeing even larger groups next year !


Chuck and Greg the hard working volunteers from Pine Tree spend a lot of time setting up and tearing down for these shoots, as well as keeping the matches running smoothly. We thank you for both for all the work you have done, especially as this event has grown beyond expectations.

  • Gregory Dexter

    Thanks for the kudos. As you note, the bowling pin shoots have grown dramatically in numbers this season. We have a great group of shooters from all over Rhode Island. We thank all of them for their interest and participation. We hope to prepare two additional pin support fixtures for next season, in order that we can run the shoot with two groups of two active shooters simultaneously. This will allow all to shoot a larger number of competitive rounds, which should aid all participants to further develop their shooting prowess.

    PineTree wishes to thank the RI Gun Blog for getting the word out to all interested shooters this past season. Looking forward to the Spring !!