Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence (RICAGV)

Do you remember those four or five people that were arguing for more gun control legislation at the hearings last year? Well, it seems they’ve banded together to form the Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence (RICAGV). The new coalition will be unveiled tomorrow night (unveiled, like an ugly bride at an arranged wedding).

Did you think this was over? I hope you didn’t assume that our fight for our rights was over. There is undoubtedly outside money coming to Rhode Island to be spent on taking your rights away from you. Don’t let that happen.

If you can, show up at URI tomorrow and watch Living for 32, starring Colin Goddard a survivor of the Virginia Tech shooting who went on to work for the Brady Campaign. Goddard was the one person who dialed 911. But when seconds counted, police were 6 minutes away. Unable to defend himself with his cell phone, Goddard was shot four times. VA Tech was a “gun free zone.” This should be a good promotional film for the benefits of concealed carry.

The description of RICAGV on their Facebook page says:

The mission of the Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence is to create a safer community by preventing gun violence and enhancing gun safety. RICAGV will advocate for effective local, state, and national programs, policies, and legislation.

Notice the use of the phrase “gun violence.” Associating guns with violence is tactic number one for the anti-gun crowd. I’ve never heard someone attempting to stop “club violence” or “knife violence.” Associating guns with violence is a rhetorical trick that ignores centuries of tradition, competition, hunting, and self-defense. The group is already fundraising against the Exeter recall effort. No doubt that’s only the beginning.

Here’s the bottom line, these folks that are joining up with RICAGV are our neighbors. We have a difference of opinion a mile wide, but the law, history, and common sense are on our side. So be polite, but also be firm in your convictions that freedom is the best possible policy.

If you plan on going, here are details on Patch.

  • resetplz

    When clubs and knives are proven to kill as many Americans per year as guns do (thirty-three THOUSAND), it will be just as valid a goal.

    At least acknowledge your own cognitive dissonance. You’re being intellectually dishonest.

    • K WIthrow

      Yet the focus of the Coalition is to ban semi-automatic rifles which account for less than 1%of all firearms related deaths per year. And your 33,000 includes all people killed with a firearm. Suicide, justifiable homicides (both civilian and law enforcement) as well as criminal on criminal. In the end there are very few “average Joes and Janes ” killed with a firearm. Sorry but Bloomberg’s stats don’t hold up.

      • David Morton

        No that isn’t their focus. They have their mission statement written clearly on their page! You making up a focus for them in your nut-job imagination is just wacko and makes ZERO sense!
        “Average Joes and Janes”??? How about all the 2 year olds shooting and getting shot in our country???
        You have to apply a little critical thought before you say dumb stuff like this.

        • G V


          You prove our point. They have a mission statement, yet every piece of legislation submitted for the last two sessions in RI was completely misaligned to it. Nor is it aligned to the types of crimes happening in Rhode Island. That mission statement is a one-size-fits-all “solution.”

    • Robert Thomas

      Intellectual dishonesty, really? What about the fact that the thirty-three THOUSAND you speak of includes suicides? People shot by police? Gang bangers? Lets just talk about the full two-thirds of your total, the twenty THOUSAND suicides. You are making the assumption that these unfortunate souls will not choose to end their lives by another method. Your knee jerk reaction may remove guns as an option and make you feel a whole lot better about yourself but it will have done nothing for the twenty THOUSAND people that are still quite obviously suffering from mental health issues. Hop down off your SOAPBOX and lets talk about mental health reform. And take a minute to actually read where the statistics you QUOTE are derived from.