The Heat is On: Time to Rally!

It looks like the Democrat Party in Rhode Island will be running a couple of rabid anti-gunners in their primary (no real surprise there). I had wondered a bit about where Gina Raimondo would come down on the issue of the Second Amendment, whether she would stake out a claim a little closer to the center, or if she would try to out maneuver her most formidable opponent, Angel Taveras by joining him in the camp of politicians who pledge to defy the constitution if elected.

Raimondo came out with her platform today and the Projo reported that it had this in it:

Banning assault weapons, getting rid of high capacity magazines and letting cities and towns ban these weapons without asking the state’s permission.”

Obviously last year we fought and beat an “assault weapons” ban, and a ban on normal capacity magazines (known to anti-gunners as high capacity magazines). But Raimondo is now stepping on some serious constitutional territory by going after the state’s preemption precedent. Allowing towns to create their own gun laws could put someone legally driving with a firearm from Warwick to Foster in trouble if the laws were different in the two towns. It’s bad enough already that Rhode Islanders are surrounded by Connecticut and Massachusetts and must be aware of the laws of those very restrictive states, but keeping up with the laws in every town in the state is incomprehensible, and it’s just a plain stupid idea for a state as small as ours.

That’s why it’s time to rally. On Sunday the 19th Gun Rights Across America of Rhode Island is hosting a rally at the State House at 12:00 noon, running until 2:00. Join us there to warn legislators (and current and future governors) that we will not give up an inch. Stand your ground. Stand with us. Be there on Sunday to fight for your rights.

graa rally pic

  • BR549

    That’s the problem with sanctimonious historically uninformed politicians; they think they know everything (after all, they managed to get elected) yet when presented with facts and historical details, they fall flat on the face.

    Rhode was once a strong and proud state; now, it’s just one big FEMA camp in the making, with overzealous, progressive, goodie-two-shoes brownshirts like Raimondo and Tavares more concerned with polishing their American flag lapel pins for the camera.