How-To Guide for Rhode Island Bill Tracker

This how-to guide will help you stay up to date on all bills submitted by legislators in Rhode Island. You’ve taken the first step by making the decision to get involved in the political process. Rhode Island bill tracker is an online system which alerts users about any updates to bills they choose to follow.

The first step will be to create a new account at the login screen


After filling out the necessary information and creating an account you will need to sign in.  

Once you have logged into your account click on Manage Bills 


Next you click on Add Bills which will open the search page

add bills

On the search page you are able to search using multiple options. In this example we search for Senator Josh Miller to find his bill against “bird” hunting in upper Narraganset Bay


You can also search by category. The example below is probably the most important to us FIREARMS

Not all bills that relate to firearm laws will be under this category.  Example - House Bill No. 7483 Tax credit for firearm storage purchases is located in the TAXATION category


After you click on the search button the results page will list all bills related to your search options. (I have already subscribed to these bills so they are highlighted in gray)

Click the small box next to each bill you wish to be notified about as they update, and click the subscribe button. You are now tracking those bills. You will receive emails about any changes and updates in the process of that bill either becoming or failing to become law.


Now you have the ability to stay up to date and informed, just don’t forget about us at RI Gun Blog !

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