Anti-Gun Bills in RI as of 2-26-14

BillThey’re at it again !! In the latest wave of anti-gun bills in Rhode Island we see a lot of similar restrictions to what we encountered last session.

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H 7582 - Removes a permit for minor to possess and use firearms. This permit never existed anyway.

H 7583- Safe Firearms Act. This 9 page bill has a lot of confusing language but can be broken down pretty simply. It classifies almost every modern centerfire rifle and some shotguns as “assault weapons” and bans them completely in RI. A certificate of possession is mentioned and “The department” will adopt regulations to get a certificate, but as of now no such certificate exists. We cannot expect this certificate to ever exist. Current RI law 11-47-33 mentions a permit for minors to possess firearms. It does not exist and never has. The certificate of possession for “assault weapons” can easily be the same catch-22. Rep. Almeida also submitted H7584 calling for all out ban without any option for certificate/registration. This shows the TRUE COLORS of Rep. Almeida’s intentions. If he could get a registration, confiscation would not be far behind.

H 7584 Gun Control and Safe Firearms Act – All out ban  on “semiautomatic assault weapons,” magazines with capacities over 10 rounds.

H 7585 Ban of magazines over 10 rounds and creates criminals of non-compliant current magazine owners on Jan. 1, 2015.

H 7587 Changes city and town carry permit process from shall issue to may issue. A grievance process was added but the fact that shall would be changed to may means this bill should be challenged

H 7588 This bill adds a restriction to prevent discharging a firearm from an aircraft. Most likely based off the helicopter incident that was prominently in the news last year. (bummer looks like fun).

S 2140 This bill bans lawful bird hunting in the upper part of Narragansett Bay. Some may not see this as a gun control bill but it is sponsored by known anti-gun senators and if it passes this opens the door for many more restrictions on hunting and shooting.

S 2318 10% Supplemental Tax on Guns and Ammunition. Outrageous supplemental tax on a civil right ! This tax would be imposed on all firearm and ammunition purposes

There are other bills pertaining to domestic violence offenses and gun ownership restrictions. These need to be looked over carefully before an opinion can be formed.

Domestic Violence Bills below

S 2242   H7310   H7311  

Lastly you can easily track these bill with the RI Bill Tracker, and we have prepared a simple How-To Guide in order to get started.

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    The linhs on several of the bills dont have the colon after http!!!

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  • Fred Smith

    To obtain your voter district and representative information go here:

    Fill in the blanks, enter, you will be transferred to your search
    results page which will have your elected officials. Save this page as
    you will be sure to need it again to keep these people in check and
    aware of their duties to up hold the Constitution and their duties to
    the electorates. Contact them by clicking their names.

    Serious action needs to be taken soon so that we don’t have the problems of the citizens of CT. here.

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    Hey guys, I setup an application to help easily email your legislators. I use this each time I need to contact all my legislators about a particular issue.

    I’ll include links below to the Mac and Windows version. The download comes preloaded with the Rhode Island State Representatives and Senators, but you can add your own as well:

    * Windows Version

    * – Mac Version

    I hope you find this helpful!