RI Gun Control Legislation 2014: This Year is Way Worse Than Last Year

There seems to be an undercurrent running through the RI firearms community that this year might not be as bad as the last, and that we’ll easily succeed in stopping the current bills before our legislature. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Myth) There aren’t many anti-gun advocates likely to show up, just like last year.

Truth) Our opponents are much better organized than they were last year. The Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence has assembled over 1,000 anti-gun advocates on their Facebook page.

Myth) Legislators don’t want to touch anything controversial in an election year.

Truth) Legislators are emboldened by the failure of the recall effort in Exeter. They think we’re pushovers.

Myth) We beat them last year, they won’t put up a hard effort this year.

Truth) The anti-gun crowd is more ardent in their desire to attack our freedoms than ever before. And backed by out of state money they have the best possible opportunity.

Myth) The guys at 2nd Amendment Coalition, the Federated Sportsmen’s Clubs of Rhode Island, RIFOL, CRAL, Rhode Island Rifle and Revolver, GRAA, and the NRA will take care of it.

Truth) There are probably a total of fewer than 50 people actively working with these groups. They work hard, as Adam and I do here, but 50 people is nothing compared to the numbers we need at the State House. Fifteen times that would be a better target.

Also, perhaps being overlooked by some is the gubernatorial campaign going on now in which a number of the candidates are openly calling for “assault weapons” bans.

Fellow Rhode Islanders, we are in a worse position than we have ever been. Showing up en masse to the hearings is the only way we can be heard. Please meet us there. Join us on our Facebook event to invite your friends and family to stand together and to fight for our rights.

You can read up on the legislation here.

  • Dave Jones

    But ,

    The responsible, law-abiding firearm owners shall never give
    up. There are thousands of comprehensive
    federal firearm laws and RI firearm laws in place already. Firearms are the most regulated thing in the
    USA. Here is an idea “ send the time and
    money on incarcerating the criminals, don’t let them out early, register the
    criminals and charge them $$ $ and tax them for each and every crime they are
    convicted of. Notice I said convicted
    here. Stop convicting the lawfully
    firearm community of men, women and children.

    STOP attacking
    lawfully firearm ownership, stop the gun grabbers. What happened to the task force last year?