The Giant is awake ! Are you a part of it ?



The firearm owners of RI have woken up, we have made our voices known. Great strides have been make to protect firearm rights at the Rhode Island State House but we are FAR from done. Many of the most outrageous gun control bills are now held for further study by the House Judiciary Committee. These need to stay in committee, and we must not allow them to be voted on in the general assembly. Please contact the newly appointed chairman and let him know respectfully where you stand. His email address is REP-KEABLE@RILIN.STATE.RI.US

It is important that this giant does not lose focus by the distractions of a new house speaker, or a viral video of a state senator caught using profanity toward second amendment supporters.  If we walk away after a seemingly small “victory” in House Judiciary we allow our opposition to strike back. Prepare testimony for the Senate Judiciary Committee and for the remaining bills to be heard in the House. The updated list of what has and has not been heard is available here.

Video is available from the March 18th House Judiciary Committee hearing on the Captiol TV Video on Demand webpage. The four part video is an excellent way to see what these hearings are like. Please take some time to view some testimony, it will help you to prepare your own. The dates for remaining bills are not yet announced so please take time this week to prepare instead of waiting for the late minute.

Be a part of this giant !!