The Senate Hearing for Gun Control will be held Tuesday April 15th at 6pm !

ristatehouseSeveral of the most aggressive gun control bills will be on the agenda for the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on Tuesday. However you wish to call it, this is  RED ALERT, ALL HANDS ON DECK, BRING THE NOISE !

This hearing will be held April 15th at 6pm and not at the rise of the Senate. Mark the calendar and tell your friends. Sign-ups to testify will most likely be earlier in the afternoon and the time will be announced when we are aware.

Please write a written testimony even if it is as simple as our list below with each bill, what you support, what you oppose and a brief reason as to why. Submitting something is always better than nothing !!

The full agenda is listed here.

The BAD firearm bills are as follows.

Senate Bill No. 2622 + 2814  These nearly identical bills with the exception of grammatical changes and more sponsors will allow the cities and towns of RI to continue a practice of not issuing concealed carry permits to their residents. The bill will change the “shall issue” language to “may issue” for resident who seek a permit to carry. It arbitrarily adds an appeals board but this bill allows for the denial in the first place. This is an attack on the right to carry and will create a TAX burden on ALL residents of RI if this appeals board was to be formed. (Further Info) S2622 was submitted solo by Sen. Miller on March 4th, he then submitted S2814 joined by Goldin and Metts on March 25th the very SAME day he apologized for the foul language he used toward second amendment supporters only days earlier. The facts don’t lie, he’s not sorry and is vindictive toward firearm owners for something HE did.

 Senate Bill No. 2632 - Gun Control and Safe Firearms Act. This act requested by THE GOVERNOR will ban nearly the possession of firearms grossly defined as “Assault Weapons”, and magazines over 10 rounds in capacity.

Senate Bill No. 2597 - This bill limits the legal rights of minors who participate in shooting sports. Junior rifle shooters, and hunters will not be able to lawfully transport or participate in their activities without supervision. They currently are able to do so.


Senate Bill No. 2390 - This bill will force jail time to anyone convicted of knowingly possessing a stolen firearm. It protects accidental conviction with “knowingly” language and will not allow abusers to get off on lesser charges.

Senate Bill No. 2642 - This bill adds a restriction to prevent discharging a firearm from an aircraft. Most likely based off the helicopter incident that was prominently in the news last year. (bummer looks like fun). We have taken some flak from local shooters for supporting this bill, but we stand firm. Shooting from aircraft is not exactly a part of the 10 commandments of gun safety. If a single accident occurs lawmakers will not strictly go after the right to shoot from aircraft they will make a push to attack our rights as a whole, yet again.

Senate Bill No. 2713 - This bill allows conviction of people who attempt to sneak a firearm past security checkpoints at the airport. You can still carry within the airports non-restricted area and can check your firearms with your airline following proper transportation guidelines.

Senate Bill No. 2775 - This bill removes “habitual drunkard” from the those prohibited from firearm ownership. This may seem like an odd bill to support, but it has value. A habitual drunkard can be someone who seeks help for alcohol abuse. This person does not have to be violent, have any type of criminal record or other problems besides alcohol dependency. Removal of this provision may encourage them to seek out help without the danger of losing personal property and rights.


Senate Bill No. 2387 - The bill would remove the “first conviction” exception to the requirement of mandatory jail sentencing for the manufacture, sale, purchase, or possession of a machine gun. It’s against the law to posses machine guns in RI so this law really doesn’t effect lawful owners.

Senate Bill No. 2567 - This bill will prevent those who are not legally able to posses firearms from possessing explosives. The summary states fireworks but the bill clearly state higher explosive as in blasting operations.

Senate Bill No. 2242 - These domestic bills are well intended but may contain gray areas. Unfortunately we have not formed an opinion on these bills.

Senate Bill No. 2377 - These domestic bills are well intended but may contain gray areas. Unfortunately we have not formed an opinion on these bills.

Senate Bill No. 2724 - These domestic bills are well intended but may contain gray areas. Unfortunately we have not formed an opinion on these bills.

Senate Bill No. 2774 - This bill allows the district court to submit disqualifying information to NICS for people who have been found mentally incapable of firearm ownership in court. It does also create an appeals process to restore rights. This bill would relate to extreme cases of disability. Minor issues would not be reported, but the establishment of this law opens the door in future years to push the line of disqualification closer. We do not support or opposed this bill as it have value but could be abused in future years.

  • shooter geek


    Senate Bill No. 2642 – this may be moot anyway.

    I think that only the FAA has jurisdiction over aircraft, although RI may not allow hunting to be legal using choppers.

    A few years ago in CT, a little girl was trying to fly across the US with her father and a flight instructor.

    The plane crashed, all aboard were killed.

    CT tried to enact a law to set a minimum age requirement for piloting an aircraft, the FAA said that the law was unenforceable, Federal law preempts state law.

    Maybe someone should mention that…

  • Fred Smith

    I got the Gun Blog emailing 4/15/ am. Just came back from the state house at 6 PM was a ghost town, heard the hearing was started at 3PM. When we have something like these hearings can we get at least a 24 hour advance email.

    To win battles it may help to have the troops know in advance when it will take place. Not being bitchy, just want to win.