Ready, Aim, Fire Rep. Finn

CaptureReady, aim, fire Finn
-Bill Welch (guest writer)
Although voting Rep. Linda Finn out of office can only be done by those who live in the 72nd Congressional District, it should be the aim of every firearms owner in Rhode Island to make her a one termer.
She sponsored or backed every anti-Second Amendment bill introduced during the two years she has been in the General Assembly. These include, firearms registration, magazine capacity limits, banning semiautomatics and raising the sales tax on firearms and ammunition to an astounding 17%.
She claims these measures will make us safer from violent crime. As everyone who has looked at the statistics compiled by the FBI, CDC and Justice Department knows, this is total nonsense.
The statistics are inarguably clear: violent crimes are committed not by those who own firearms legally but by criminals, mostly repeat offenders trafficking in illegal drugs and street gangs in inner cities.
Clearly, violent crime cannot be reduced by more laws criminals will pay no attention to. To the contrary, making it more difficult for lawful firearms owners to protect themselves increases criminal violence. Multiple studies find that legally armed citizens and communities are much safer. Moreover, many convicted violent offenders readily admit they avoid legally armed communities, fearing citizens with firearms more than they do the police.
To see the antifirearms falsehoods and illogical nonsense Linda Finn stands for, see of which she is a leading member.
Retiring Linda Finn from office may well have an added benefit. Other politicians, seeing her defeat, are likely to conclude that championing antifirearms bills poses a danger to their job security.
Running to unseat Linda Finn this November is Dan Reilly, a strong defender of Second Amendment rights. Those who are not in her district can help Dan defeat her by making donations to his campaign and helping in other ways.
Linda Finn’s seat was secured for her by well-financed national antifirearms outfits like the Brady Campaign, Moms Demand Action, Violence Policy Center, Bloomberg and others that provided massive support including campaign workers and large amounts of money. Nevertheless, Dan lost by only 100 votes.
Dan needs volunteers and money to defeat Linda Finn this November. Again, you don’t have to be in the 72nd Congressional District help Dan. Please consider going to today to give Dan Reilly a hand, financial and otherwise, to send anti-Second Amendment Linda Finn packing. Doing nothing puts our firearms rights at risk again in the next legislative session.
—Bill Welch


  • Maggie Keavey Kozel

    If you want to be taken seriously as a responsible gun owner who actually cares about the level of violence in our country, maybe you shouldn’t title your blog “ready,aim,fire”,

    • jeff k

      its a play on words. ready , aim ………fire rep finn
      i don’t think having a little fun makes him an irresponsible gun owner. after all , this is a GUN blog.

    • Glenn Valentine

      If you and Rep Finn want to be taken seriously then you need to support a position on violence that solves a problem. When 100% of the firearms used to commit a violent act in RI fall completely outside the restrictive legislation supported by the anti-gun establishment Linda’s ignorance becomes obvious. Hence her actions these last two sessions were pointless. She is a lazy Representative, with no interest in researching the issue for herself. She simply believes whatever she is told by the anti-gun establishment.

      I would imagine she takes this approach with most issues which is scary.

  • bum bum bum

    Dumb and Dumber need to be gone this election cycle. AKA rep. Finn and rep. Canario. Maggie you one of the sheep?