Wallum Lake Walls of Steel

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2014 Walls of Steel

The 2014 Walls of Steel competition was held over the three days of August 22nd-24th. Wallum Lake Rod and Gun Club has hosted this event since  2007 and it grows in popularity every year.

The match consists of six stages with 25-35 falling steel targets positioned in various designs. Shooters attempt to knock down each plate and clear the stage as quickly as possible using a variety of handguns divided into four divisions. Competitors can take on a single division or any combination up to all four.  The stock auto division is limited to centerfire semi-automatic pistols without porting, compensators, or optics. Open auto division allows for semi-automatic pistols with any modifications and optics installed. The stock revolver division allows for any revolvers without any external weights, porting, or optics. Lastly, the open revolver division allows for any modified revolvers to compete.

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Open Auto porting in action

The balance between fun, safety, and competition is handle very well by the outstanding range officers that run this event. Safe tables are the only place other than the firing line that competitors can even handle their firearms. The safe tables have a NO AMMO rule so no accident discharges may occur. Each stage is well staffed and matches are run very smoothly.


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Safe Tables are a NO AMMO area

Walls of Steel is a great example of the potential of Rhode Island shooting sports. This event has attracted shooters from all over the country. According to the preliminary scores posted today 259 separate firearms competed. The results are available here – Preminarily Results. I personally shot the Friday morning of the event and it was fantastic. I shot a better score on some stages and faltered on others, which means more practice is needed to achieve better consistency. I highly recommend this event and encourage others to get involved.

Walls of Steel will continue to grow and return next year with another great event. Until then stay tuned at www.wallsofsteel.com for news and info including a possible Falls Mini Walls competition which will be a smaller version of the 2014 Walls of Steel.

More pics and videos are available at the RIGunBlog Facebook Page