RI Gun Blog. It’s time for a recap



The past few years have been incredible for RI gun owners and shooting sports in general. I wanted to take a moment to reflect and see how far we have come.

  • Legislative : Our rights have come under fire but we have maintained them much better than our neighboring states. RI gun owners heard the call and have been active in local and state level politics. While the system is far from perfect the ability to get carry permits has also improved tenfold, although both MA and CT have better systems than RI for permits.  There’s still plenty of work to do but at least we are not climbing out of a hole like the “ban law” states.
  • GROWTH: There’s more gun stores, and clubs than the previous 5 years. We can boast of the success Mid State Gun Company as the first indoor range in RI available to the public. Several gun clubs have had massive expansions including new ranges, bigger pits, more interactive targets and public matches. Opportunities for training courses and competitions don’t require long drives out of state. IDPA, USPSA, and 3 Gun competitions are all available to RI. Daria Bruno’s ladies nights which teach and empower women to shoot SELL OUT !
  • Hunting: RI DEM has opened new public hunting lands and created CO-OP partnerships on several properties throughout the state adding more options for hunters. We’ve even see crossbows added to approved hunting methods in RI.
  • Juniors: The last few years several RI juniors have been able to receive scholarships for college from shooting

There’s too many parts to this puzzle to pick out but I wanted to take the time to show a few examples of how far RI shooting sports have come. It takes a lot of dedicated people from store owners, tons of volunteers and politically driven people.

2017 should be another great year for us all so get out there and shoot!

  • Dave Notarianni

    Great work Adam

  • Jon Noblet

    Hi Everyone. Any news on changes to the RI CCW renewal process being submitted in the legislature? Need to renew this year with the AG and hoping I don’t have to go thru the same process as a new application. Jon