The “Gun Bills” 2017

Every year the RI State House becomes a political battleground and this year is no exception. There are several bills that effect the rights of firearm owners and sportsmen & sportswomen in the Ocean State. 

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S0187 - This bill would ban concealed carry holders from school property a right currently in place.  This bill completely alienates vetted and qualified people including those who carry for a career ! Example firearm can’t be on the school property to pickup a child, this would include your vehicle in a school driveway or parking lot.

S0223 - Seriously it’s numbered 223 ! Bans magazines over 10 rounds, including those already in possession and manufacturing because RI can stand to lose more good jobs.

H5155 - House copy of S223. Bans magazines over 10 rounds, all of them, regardless of dates/preban etc.  THAT’S A BIG NOPE !!

H5262 - This bill basically changes the law so that rifles and shotguns are scrutinized like pistols. It places a heavy burden to prove you are coming to and from a lawful recognized activity like hunting or target shooting if pulled over.

H5345 - House copy of S187 banning permit carriers from school grounds.


H5154 -Firearm crimes would not be eligible for parole. We DO NOT want to protect violent criminals but this bill is not clearly worded as such. As the laws in RI are today we really don’t have an issue with this bill BUT the wording needs to be clearer as we’ve seen registration bills, lead bans, magazine possession, and dizzying rifle regulations proposed in RI. If any of those were to become law simple clerical or gray area violations could put non violent firearm owners in prison. One of the sponsor has stated publicly that edits would be made but we want to keep this bill on your radar.

H5067 - Lowers the bar of what legally disqualifies firearm ownership from those convicted of domestic assaults. We’re giving this a bad-to-neutral rating because it based on a criminal act but can be manipulated in some cases.



H5156 - Provides for the legal purchase of stun guns in RI and allows concealed carry under a pistol permit. We’re still not sure how you could qualify with it at 25 yards?

H5263 - This bill makes changes to possession of firearms by minors.  It appears to positively address some of the concerns we have had about transportation for legal uses from previous years. The bill is poorly written including grammatical errors so we expect an edit. Until we see a final we’re calling this neutral and keeping a close eye on it.


H5248 - Tax Exempt Gun Safes – CT and MA already have this. Promotes the purchase of secure firearm storage by removing the sales tax

H5081 & S0110 -  These bills remove legal restriction blocking the use of crossbows for turkey hunting. DEM would still need to change the hunting regulations to allow crossbow use for turkeys but until it is lifted from state law DEM does not have that option. Not really a gun bill but our sportsmen and sportswomen certainly have been asking for this


Lastly you can easily track these bill with the RI Bill Tracker, and we have prepared a simple How-To Guide in order to get started.


  • Henry Bowman

    Another big problem with H5154.. If the Magazine bill passes, there will be widespread non-compliance across the state. That’s a given. We saw it in MA, CT, & NY when they went over to the dark side. If Camilles No Parole for Firearms crimes bill (H5154) passes along with the magazine bill, any gun owner caught possessing a magazine of more than 10 rds will be doing mandatory time without parole for EACH magazine. If you’re caught with even one, it’s a given hat police will secure a warrant and search your home for the rest. The penalty on the magazine bill is up to 10 years for each magazine. The idea behind H5154, to stop the revolving door with criminal who misuse firearms was good intentioned but this bill could hurt us real bad.