Guns of Rhode Island: 14


Guns of Rhode Island: 13


Guns of Rhode Island: 12


Guns of Rhode Island: 11


Guns of Rhode Island: 10


NRA Details Proposed Legislation in Rhode Island


Here’s how the NRA explained the proposed bills in Rhode Island. Rhode Island: Ocean State Assault on the Second Amendment Lawmakers in Providence Unleash Long List of Anti-Gun Bills This week, law-abiding gun owners were in the crosshairs of anti-gun lawmakers in Providence. Several pieces of legislation were introduced that would turn law-abiding gun owners […]

VIDEO: Providence Displays Seized Firearms

VIDEO: Providence Displays Seized Firearms

Editorial note: I didn’t see any “assault weapons” on the table. And although the commentator calls them “illegal guns” I don’t see any banned firearms either (but there could be a few, hard to get a great look). I think he probably was thinking of illegally possessed guns, or guns possessed during the committing of […]