Changes at RI Gun Blog

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A year and half ago I started RI Gun Blog to protect the second amendment here in Rhode Island with help from all of you. Over that time we’ve fought some hard battles for our freedom, and for the most part we’ve been successful. I’m proud of what we have accomplished together. I’ve poured a […]

RI Gun Control Legislation 2014: This Year is Way Worse Than Last Year


There seems to be an undercurrent running through the RI firearms community that this year might not be as bad as the last, and that we’ll easily succeed in stopping the current bills before our legislature. Nothing could be further from the truth. Myth) There aren’t many anti-gun advocates likely to show up, just like […]

Are You Ready for This?

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This is the kind of crazy, illogical stuff we’ll be dealing with if Rep. Almeida’s “assault weapons ban” is passed into law. I have lots of friends and family fighting back against these ridiculous laws in New York and Connecticut, but I fear for them it’s too late. We must fight harder now than we […]

Anti-Gun Legislators At it Again in Rhode Island


Yesterday, the other shoe dropped in Rhode Island. A slew of anti-gun bills hit the General Assembly. There are bills (linked to here); 1) preventing minors from owning firearms, 2) a ridiculous “assault weapons ban” that uses the stricter than normal 1 feature rule has no grandfathering and no grace period, 3) standard capacity magazine […]

The Heat is On: Time to Rally!


It looks like the Democrat Party in Rhode Island will be running a couple of rabid anti-gunners in their primary (no real surprise there). I had wondered a bit about where Gina Raimondo would come down on the issue of the Second Amendment, whether she would stake out a claim a little closer to the […]

Reload RI: Part II Politics and Politicians

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This is the second installment of Reload RI, our tips for how you can help prepare to protect the second amendment in Rhode Island before the next legislative session. Want to help? Run for office and fund pro-freedom politicians. On the short list of people we recommend you support are Rep. Mike Chippendale (R-Foster, Glocester, […]

Reload RI


Since I started this blog and the associated Facebook page, the number 1 question I get asked is “How can I help?” I haven’t always supplied great answers to that question, but right now I know exactly what we need to do, and what you can do to help. We need to reload. The next […]