Ready, Aim, Vote

Ready Aim VoteThe upcoming elections in Rhode Island will be the most important for some time. Given the recent release of a number of anti-gun bills by radical legislators in the General Assembly and Senate in Rhode Island, it is plain to see that we will be forced every year to endure excruciating fights for our rights. That is, unless, we defeat our opponents at the polls and replace them with friendlier legislators.

You can only vote if you’re registered, and if you’re not voting, you’re not doing what you need to for our side to win this battle. Working with members of the pro-second amendment community here in Rhode Island, is announcing the Ready, Aim, Vote campaign to make sure you register to vote.

We’re not a political organization, so we’re not going to chase you down across the state. Just like responsible firearms ownership, it’s up to you to exercise your right to vote responsibly. Get registered. Our founding fathers didn’t only fight for the Second Amendment rights we hold dear, they also fought to ensure representative politics. If you don’t vote, you’re surely not going to be represented.

Fill out the voter registration form below and turn it in. Remember, if you’ve moved since the last time you registered to vote, you must do so again.

Download (PDF, Unknown)